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Cappfinity is the global leader in strengths-based assessment, providing award-
winning recruitment and development solutions to forward-thinking companies. Our
teams in the UK, US, Ireland and Australia are proud to be working with more than
200 organisations and millions of individuals in service of our shared purpose –
Strengthening the World


Cappfinity is proud to be a sponsor of Festival of the Girl and are delighted to be hosting a
session again this year. Last year we participated in the virtual festival, where Dr Reena
Jamnadas ran a session on strengths with our ‘Super Strong Squad’.


This year we will be hosting a session on “Activism” where girls will have the opportunity to
choose a topic of their choice (e.g. sustainability, healthy foods, animal welfare etc.) and
create posters to start their activist campaign! During the session, they will have the
opportunity to learn about other activists, identify what they’re interested in and want to fight
for as well as understanding their strengths and how their strengths can help them as they
embark on their activist journey.

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