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 Growing up as a teenager with an interest in cars, there were limited female role models to look up too and be inspired by. 

In 2019 I set on a journey to make one of my dreams come true and create a career in motorsport, whereby I found myself volunteering with a team to gain valuable experience as a motorsport mechanic.  

From this newfound love of working on race cars, I enrolled in a 2 year motorsport course at West Kent College whilst working alongside W Series who supported Formula One and British GT with the McLaren 720S. Having successfully completed my course I wanted to push myself further and obtain a career in F1. My passion and drive led me to recently starting a new position as a mechanic on Alpine F1’s Race Support Team and now I want to help and inspire young individuals into believing anything is possible! 

We couldn't be more excited for your girls to meet Cleo!

Cleo Collins.jpeg

Alpine F1 Mechanic

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