This year in celebration of the third Festival of the Girl & International Day of the Girl we've launched our #girlpower2021 campaign.


This year marks 25 years of Wannabe, the beginning of the Spice Girls and the Girl Power ethos. Girl Power was not complex. It was an affirmation that Spice Girl fans could quickly get on board with. It brought girls together. It showed girls it was OK to be loud & have a voice. They made it cool to be a girl. The Spice Girls embodied a new type of feminism and became true figures of the girl power movement.

“[Girl power] is being able to do things just as well as — or even better than — the boys, and be what we want to be”, explained Mel C.


Twenty-Five years on, our mission is to give girls the platform to redefine what Girl Power means to them today by sharing photos, videos, drawings, and words that are being featured at this year’s

Festival of The Girl.  Click here to head straight to this year's festival and don't forget you can still share your #girlpower2021 moments with us by tagging us on social media @festivalofthegirl or emailing us at


To launch this year’s campaign, a photoshoot took place on Sunday 19th September on the steps of The Carlton House Terrace emulating that iconic moment featured in the Spice Girls iconic first music video ‘Wannabe’.  Shot by renowned music and lifestyle photographer Scarlet Page, the shoot was as fun as it was inspiring.


Five #girlpower2021 idols featured alongside five lucky girls (winners picked from those who shared content with Festival of the Girl) - because if you can’t see it, you can’t be it!


“Girl Power is all about listening to your inner voice – whether it’s loud or quiet – and believing it is ready to be heard. Trust and believe in yourself”

Vanessa Wallace

Pictured with Amelie Galea aged 10

“Girl Power is about doing what you want to do in life and not what others think you should do. Make YOU happy. Don’t take no for an answer."

Tulip Siddiq MP

Pictured with Chiara Kleanthous aged 9

“I have Down’s Syndrome but that’s not all I am. Girl Power is about realising your dreams and making them come true. Girls can do everything that boys can."

Sarah Gordy MBE

Pictured with Sarah Mirkin aged 7

“Girl Power should be collective. As a gender we are often pitted against each other, but we are stronger together! Don’t compare yourself to others. You are unique so don’t be afraid to be you.”

Grace Savage

Pictured with Ahlaysia Roulston aged 10

“Girl Power is about living the life you want to. There’s still a lot of stereotypes on what girls can and can’t do. Trust your gut and go for it!”

 Professor Sue Black OBE 

Pictured with Mollie Hamblet-Bowes aged 10


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