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What do you want to be when you grow up? Tara Binns tries out a different STEM job in every book and has the most amazing adventures at the same time - scientist, engineer, doctor, pilot, coder, vet, inventor, deep sea explorer, renewable energy expert, climate scientist, marine biologist, volcanologist... the possibilities are endless!


Author Lisa Rajan created Tara Binns and her little sister Dani to showcase the world of work to children, broaden their horizons and encourage ambition. She hopes to put big ideas in little minds and let all children know that anyone can do anything when they grow up.


Come and meet Tara and Dani at Inspiration Corner - kids can read the books, dress up in one of Tara's job costumes, write a story or draw a picture of their future self doing their dream job. See you there!

Lisa Rajan.HEIC

Tara Binns Books #SeeItBeIt

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