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Do you use parks at the moment? Do you go with your family or your friends? Are playgrounds still lots of fun, or are you starting feel that (soon) you will be getting a bit too old to go in the kids’ area? Parks and their playgrounds can be great if you are under 10, but as you get bit older, parks seem to have fewer things for girls to do. But perhaps that is because some park planners just don’t know what would work for girls. So how about showing them?


Did you know: most parks have more facilities for dog poo than teenage girls: would this make you cross? Teenage girls feel 10 time less secure in public space than boys: do you think this is unfair? 82% of teenage girls think they should be more involved in designing public space: do you feel the same? If you’ve answered “yes” to these questions, why not join us for a workshop where we use collages to decide what a park would look like for “future you”.

Learn more about Make Space for Girls here.

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A park for 'future' you

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