Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and engage girls of primary school age (7-11 years) with a fantastic line up of female role models, workshops and activities.  We want to create safe environments where the girls are excited to try something new, meet different people and, most importantly, feel good about themselves.

The 7 -11 age range is a pivotal stage of development for girls and one that is increasingly influenced by societal and peer pressures.  Research shows that by age 6, girls are less likely than boys to think that they can be brilliant and because of this they are more likely to shy away from activities requiring that exceptional intelligence.  There are also many different studies showing the pressure girls of this age feel to look a certain way, to please everyone and to be perfect.  As a result the majority of girls upon leaving primary school are already struggling with issues such as low self-esteem, body image and a fear of failure.  It’s these girls we want to impact, especially before they’re exposed to the secondary school experience.

Through Festival of the Girl families can start having conversations around these difficult topics, in a fun and accessible way.  As parents ourselves we want to be equipped to help raise our girls in a less stereotyped way, and we want you to be too. 


Girls are our future change makers so together we have to do all we can to create a gender equal society.  Please join us in our mission of engaging girls from this young age to ensure that they are realising their full potential.

Founder for our daughters.  The future is hers.

"My one wish for the future world is for girls to know that our gender is an asset not a barrier.  The world need girls (and boys!) to be brave, fierce and kind."

Isobel, aged 10

Festival of the Girl's Key Topics


As the female body becomes more visible in all shapes and sizes, how do we learn to love our own?  From posture to periods and make-up to muscles, we’ll cover it.


As modern girls grow into modern women, the ‘have-it-all’ pressure is on.  Research shows perfectionism is on the rise and damaging our mental health.  Let’s raise girls with agile minds.  We’ll talk resilience, dealing with uncertainty, and positive mental habits.


Women are still hugely under-represented in careers, from coders to pilots to scientists.  It shouldn’t be that way.  We’ll smash stereotypes and meet women excelling across the spectrum.  Because girls need to see it to be it.


Do feminists wear pink?  Is feminism an old-fashioned word?  Does being a feminist threaten men?  We’ll create our own version of inclusive and adaptable feminism that girls can embody.


Most of us have no idea what the world will be like in 10 or 25 years from now.  Young girls are our future game changers.  We’ll explore big world issues from climate change to politics.  Let’s raise girls who feel confident to use their voice.    

Support Festival of The Girl

"Thank you for a great festival.  My daughter got a lot out of it in terms of broadening her perspective on the options available to her."


We are a not-for-profit initiative built with passion, not funding.  If you can help support our work with a donation it will help us reach more girls and their families.

With your help, we can make sure that all girls are supported through primary school, and that they feel happy, confident and excited to follow their dreams. 

Together we can help them realise that being a girl wont hold them back because being a girl is their super power!

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©2023 by Thyme. Proudly created with Wix.com