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We are always working hard to create free and exciting resources, updating this page as often as we can. Please also see the Girl Resources here for other ideas and lots of wonderful and inspiring colouring!

If there is anything specific you need from us please just get in touch. We are hoping our 'at home festival pack' full of activities, ideas and designs for your own festival will be ready soon. Until then see ideas below.


How are you celebrating
International Day of The Girl

(11th October) with the girls in your life? How about creating your very own Festival of The Girl at home? Here are some ideas:

  • Sign up to receive free 2024 Festival of The Girl activity books for your girls and their friends 

  • Take a look at over 80 activity videos via our virtual hub

  • Enjoy the below activities at your own festival

  • Invite everyone to join our #FutureGirlPledge campaign, details here

  • If your girl is especially passionate about gender equality put her forward to become a Festival of The Girl youth ambassador

Past, present and future activity!

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We've created a really fun activity to help young people learn more about the history of gender inequality, how it is impacting us now, and what they can do for their future. 

Here is a presentation that can be used at your festival or to help you run the activity (see last page for notes on activities), and posters you can print. We ran these activities with over 100 girls and boys at festivals this summer and they loved it, we hope your girls do too. 

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There are some great activities in our 2020, 2021 and 2022 Festival of The Girl activity books which you can download here:

2020 activity book

2021 activity book

2022 activity book

2023 activity book

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'Gender stereotypes are limiting children's potential and causing lifelong harm.'

The Commission, established by The Fawcett Society, has released the report, Unlimited Potential, which shows just how much gender stereotypes in early childhood are limiting our children.  Focused on children from 0-7 years of age this report reinforces just how important it is to engage and inspire girls of Primary school age.  

Find further information and the full report here.

Body Happy Org Logo Main.jpg

We just love the Body Happy Org.  They are dedicated to helping adults create positive body image environments for children to thrive in.  They've created brilliant digital and physical resources and products, workshops and online courses. They are a one-stop shop for all things body image boosting, helping us grown-ups to create a kinder culture of body love and acceptance for the children in our care.

Lifting Limits is an incredible charity who are delivering gender equality through education.  They provide educators with the skills and resources to recognise and correct gender bias that can go unnoticed in primary schools and to support pupils in challenging gender inequalities in the wider world.


Our Streets Now had two of the most popular videos watched at our 2020 festival, Dare to Dream and feminist consent dance video and tutorial.  They are now doing even more by sharing their resource pack to help you learn about public sexual harassment and how to tackle it, as part of their Our Schools Now Project.


We were very grateful to author and mental health campaigner, Hope Virgo, for speaking at our 2020 festival.  She is now sharing further information on her Lets Talk Eating Disorders campaign.

#Lets Talk EDs

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