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Throughout the festival you will hear our contributors asking you to share what your girls have learnt or what they have created through watching the sessions.


If - and only if - both you and your girl(s) are comfortable to do so, then share photos of your festival creations and experiences via the hashtag #thefutureishers and/or #festivalofthegirl2020. The pictures of the work will be included in our Future World project. 


After the festival, we will put the pictures and words and experiences together into a piece of art: creating a brand new planet. The montage image will show how our girls feel, what they want to be, what they have created & what they want for their world. The creation will be featured in the e-goody bag as a poster the girls can print off and proudly display. Something that reminds them of what they were part of this year and the Future World they want to create. Their very own vision board for their future.


If it's easier to share her experience via the written word, and/or you'd prefer not to use social media, then please email us at (using Future World project as the subject line). 


It’s about sharing the amazing work, dreams and ambitions of our girls. It’s about celebrating who they are and everything they do. It’s about sharing positive social messages that will ultimately bring change.



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©2023 by Thyme. Proudly created with

©2023 by Thyme. Proudly created with