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Dear parents, guardians & grown-ups,

Thank you for being part of Festival of The Girl 2021. This information explains how it all works and how to get the best from the event with your girls.

1. Access  The festival website has launched and you can join here. It will now be live for the whole of October. While you don’t have to watch and play along with your girls – we encourage it because we think you’ll enjoy it too.  

2. Content  All content is pre-recorded so you can explore it at your leisure anytime from 10am. There are around 50 videos across 6 virtual tents ranging from 2-15 minutes, so it’s a good idea to plan what you and your girls want to do first. Find the line-up here.

3. Journal  If you signed up before 30th September you’ll have a journal arriving in the post. For later sign-ups, please find our print-at-home version below.  This will also be accessible via the festival site on the day.  This journal is designed for girls to keep a personal record of their experience, and has a cut out and keep lanyard  so they can really feel like they’re having a festival at home. Glitter and glow sticks are optional.


4. What they’ll need  A good internet connection is the only essential. For the bulk of the videos we recommend pens, paper and comfy clothes.   Some suggest other items which are usually easily found around the house.

5. Sharing  The girls themselves do not need to share anything online. If you as their parent/guardian wish to share things they have created/something about their experience at the festival then we’d love to hear it (with their permission). Tag us @festivalofthegirl and use the #girlpower2021 and #festivalofthegirl2021.

6. Win  We’ve got some incredible prizes to give away. To enter the competition, ask your girl to answer the questions at the back of their journal and email us a picture of their answers to

7. Safety  Online safety is important to us. Rest assured by using the site you are not contactable by any other festival attendees or contributors. See our privacy policy for more information.

8. PG warning  There are a handful of videos that you may feel are better suited to the older end of the 7-11 age group. We will mark these with a PG symbol in the description. If you have any concerns – please exert your ‘Parental Guidance’ and watch them first.

9. Disclaimer Please note that we have done the upmost to create a safe environment for the festival. That said, any activity undertaken by participants is done at participants’ own risk. Festival of The Girl CIC does not take any responsibility for any injury or harm sustained as a result of taking part in the festival sessions. Adult supervision may be required/recommended at times. 

10. Support  We are a team of only 3 doing this because we believe in it, and on a purely voluntary basis. Our sponsors and donors have helped hugely, but there are still many costs to cover. If you can help even in a small way please click here to donate.

11. Patience  We hope everything runs smoothly and you love it from start to finish. If we have teething problems please bear with us. We are a very small team doing our very best. We welcome helpful feedback for next year – please deliver it kindly.


For any further questions please visit our FAQs here.

And that’s it – have a wonderful time with the girls in your life. We hope you all really enjoy it.


Love and girlpower,

Abi, Jen and Laura xx

Download your print-at-home journal here.

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