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Our Mission

The 7-11 age range is a pivotal stage of development for girls and one that is increasingly influenced by societal and peer pressures.  Research shows that by age 6, girls' confidence is significantly lower than boys' and that by age 11, girls are already struggling with issues such as low self-esteem and negative body image.  It's these girls we want to impact, creating a resilient foundation before they start secondary school and are surrounded by even more prevalent gender stereotyping and higher social media exposure.

Let's give younger girls their day - emulating International Women's Day which is now highly celebrated in March.

We aim to help girls and their families have conversations around these sometimes difficult topics, in a fun and accessible way.  As parents ourselves we want to be equipped to help raise our girls in a less stereotyped way, and we want you to be too. 


Girls are our future change makers so together we have to do all we can to create a gender equal society.  Please join us in our mission of engaging girls from this young age to ensure that they are realising their full potential.

Founded for our daughters.  The future is hers.

"My one wish for the future world is for girls to know that our gender is an asset not a barrier.  The world needs girls (and boys!) to be brave, fierce and kind."

Isobel, aged 10


What the parents and carers have to say:

“My daughter sometimes finds it difficult to identify as a girl, as she is very much not a "girly" girl as she describes it. With boys at school even telling her she can't do things like football because of it. This event really helped show her what being a girl means you can do - basically anything. It was a real eye opener for her and she now has many more careers and hobbies to consider. She left feeling empowered, energised and realised she is "normal" and special all at once.”

Nina, parent

“Brilliant. It opened my eyes as to the possibilities' both my daughter and I could explore. Thank you so much for giving our

girls this.” Rita, parent

“I felt hopeful for girls, I loved the positively the day left me with. I spend so much time worrying about the future my daughter is going into that it was so nice to experience all the options available to her. It was so nice to be in a space that was so unashamedly about girls - female energy

filled the room.” Robyn, parent

“It made me happy to know that my daughter is growing up in a generation in which stereotypes are being smashed and that there are so many inspiring organisations out there doing great work.”

Hannah, parent

Festival of the Girl's Key Topics


As the female body becomes more visible in all shapes and sizes, how do we learn to love our own?  From posture to periods and make-up to muscles, we’ll cover it.


As modern girls grow into modern women, the ‘have-it-all’ pressure is on.  Research shows perfectionism is on the rise and damaging our mental health.  Let’s raise girls with agile minds.  We’ll talk resilience, dealing with uncertainty, and positive mental habits.


Women are still hugely under-represented in careers, from coders to pilots to scientists.  It shouldn’t be that way.  We’ll smash stereotypes and meet women excelling across the spectrum.  Because girls need to see it to be it.


Do feminists wear pink?  Is feminism an old-fashioned word?  Does being a feminist threaten men?  We’ll create our own version of inclusive and adaptable feminism that girls can embody.


Most of us have no idea what the world will be like in 10 or 25 years from now.  Young girls are our future game changers.  We’ll explore big world issues from climate change to politics.  Let’s raise girls who feel confident to use their voice.    


"I found the Festival of The Girl very inspiring, it teaches girls to be bolder and to believe in themselves more. These women did not give up and tried very hard."

Sarah, aged 7

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