Meet the team

We are always looking for volunteers to join our team to help us create exciting and engaging festivals, and to make sure we are reaching as many girls as possible.  If you are interested in being part of a passionate and dedicated team, no matter the time you can contribute, please get in touch.  We are especially looking for help with fundraising, social media and marketing & PR.

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Co-Founder of Festival of The Girl

Founder and Director of She Stands

Co-Founder and Director of Arrive in Politics

She Stands is a movement founded on the idea that girls and women should never have to apologise for taking up space. They raise awareness around the impacts of gender stereotyping on posture and create trainings to shape a more gender equal society. The mission is for females to grow up feeling at home in their bodies with the confidence to stand tall and own their space - from young girls in schools to women in the workplace.

Understanding that there is still so much to be done to create an equal society Abi co-founded Arrive in Politics in 2021. A non-partisan collaboration committed to closing the political gender gap they’ve created a mentorship programme for young women who want to begin or advance their career in politics. 

Inspired by her daughters, Margot and Nancy, Abi hopes She Stands, Festival of The Girl, and Arrive in Politics can create genuine change so that all children can grow and develop surrounded by strong role models in a world that supports and nourishes them.

Abi Wright

Co-Founder of Festival of The Girl

Founder of Not Just a Princess

Jen started Not Just a Princess after being disappointed at the range of clothing available for girls and how the messaging limited their beliefs about themselves and what they could grow up to be. To achieve their mission to smash career stereotypes they do two things: Source and share real women’s career stories. Create aspirational organic t-shirts for girls which directly challenge the usual messages they hear. 

Inspired by her daughters, Rosie and Georgia, Jen wants girls, boys, parents and society to understand that there are plenty of alternatives to being a pretty pink princess.

Jen Toll


Co-Founder of Festival of The Girl

Founder and Creative Director at Electric Sunshine

Electric Sunshine is a London headquartered creative agency specialising in event creation, experiential marketing + creative production. They build experiences that inspire, entertain + resonate with audiences making brands shine brighter further faster. 

Laura co-found Festival of The Girl as she wants her daughters, and all girls, to be aware of and understand all the opportunities available to them. Ultimately with this knowledge they will shape their best future.

Laura Mulvaney

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Social Media Coordinator

Amy is an A Level student studying Computer Science, Biology and Drama.  She is interested in coding, digital forensics and robotics but also has a passions for performing and the Arts.  She runs a RedBubble store selling original designs. 

Find her @amylouupson on Instagram, RedBubble and Twitter.

Amy Upson


Visual Designer

Originally from the west coast of France, Anne-Charlotte settled in London only a few months ago. Set and Exhibit student, she is currently in the last months of her design master's degree and doing her study internship at Electric Sunshine agency. She brings her design skills and matching colours interest into her illustrations and graphic design work for Festival of The Girl 2O2O.


To discover more about her works, visit her website or her Instagram @a.c.a.j.j

Anne-Charlotte Jono

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