Frequently Asked Questions

General questions FoTG 

Can boys join in?


Yes! The festival is designed for, but not limited to, girls aged 7-11. We are all about removing limits – nobody will be turned away from our festivals on the basis of gender, age or ethnicity.


Why isn’t there a festival of the boy?


We believe that gender stereotypes are harmful for both genders. And we also believe that they place far more limits on girls, or those who identify as female. Research shows time and time again that girls are in need of more of a confidence boost that boys. And as they become adults, you only have to look at the statistics to see women are underrepresented in a far greater range of careers and positions of power than men are.


Our focus is therefore on celebrating girls – it is in no way anti-boy. Feminism needs men and boys to get involved. So bring your boys along too and have conversations with them about why boys and girls are treated differently and what they can do to be anti-sexist.


Who is behind the festival?


You can find out more about us here.

We are a team of passionate volunteers who do this because we believe in it on top of our day jobs and family lives. We receive no payment for our time and have been able to create what we have created through the generosity of sponsors, donors, favours and a lot of late nights.


How can I get involved?


Contact us to tell us how you would like to help and we will get back to you (even though it might take us a little while!)

Questions specific to FoTG 2021

How does a virtual festival work?


Please see our How To guide here.


What do I need for a virtual festival?


Please see our How To guide here.


Do I have to sign-up to take part?


Not necessarily, once live the site will be open to anyone who wants to access it. That said, if you sign-up you get to stay in touch with us and be first in line for next year.

How do I receive a printed journal?


If you signed up prior to the 30th September 2021, from a UK address, your journal will be sent the week commencing Monday 4th October via second class post. Considering this it should be with you by the end of the week. 


What if my journal doesn’t arrive?


We are at the mercy of Royal Mail with regards to delivery.  There were also some addresses that weren't captured correctly via the sign up form.  In this instance we have sent an email asking for the correct address.   However, if for any reason there is a problem and you don't receive the journals please find the downloadable version here.


What if I signed up later or I’m outside the UK?


You can download a print-at-home pdf here


Is everything suitable for my child to watch unsupervised?


Everything was designed with girls aged 7-11 in mind. That said, some things are more suited to the older age group. And we know many parents/guardians of younger (and indeed older) kids have signed up too. We urge you to use your Parental Guidance and look out for a PG symbol on some potentially sensitive topics.

Please note that joining the festival is at participant (and parent/guardian) discretion and in line with our terms and conditions.


Can my child join the festival on their own?


Yes they can. Nevertheless…


We believe that you can create an even more special experience by joining in with them. There’s plenty for you to learn and explore as adults. We also recommend you supervise the following particularly: interaction with the shopping planet, physical activity, craft involving sharp objects or objects that may stain, cooking involving hot ovens or hobs, anything marked with a PG symbol.


What do I do if I have a complaint?


Firstly, please bear with us: our resources are extremely limited, and we are doing our very best.

Secondly, we want to keep learning. Please email us with your feedback (doesn’t have to be just complaints – tell us what you loved too). Please be as specific and constructive as possible so we can act on it and rectify it more easily.

Why is there not signed or audio-descriptive content?

Our aim is to make our festival as available as possible for everyone. As a start up not-for-profit initiative, our resources are extremely limited. As a result, and with regret, we're unable to provide signed or audio-descriptive content at this time. We hope we will be able to in future.  


Please note that we have done the upmost to create a safe environment for the festival. That said, any activity undertaken by participants is done at participants’ own risk. Festival of The Girl CIC does not take any responsibility for any injury or harm sustained as a result of taking part in the festival sessions. Adult supervision may be required/recommended at times. 

Inclusivity Statement

Festival of The Girl is committed to advancing equality and promoting inclusivity for all young people, regardless of their identity or gender expression.


We are passionate about inspiring girls to believe in their futures and the programme is designed to provide female role models for young people. We believe challenging gender stereotypes and breaking down barriers to inclusion benefits young people of any gender.


While we use the term “girl” to address the barriers that girls face at a young age, our mission is inclusive of trans and non-binary communities, and we encourage young people of any gender to take part. 

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