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Rugby is one of the fastest growing female sports in the UK. Rugby can help transform young girls' lives both on and off the pitch. It benefits their physical, social and emotional wellbeing by:


· Empowering

· Building self esteem and resilience

· Being welcoming and inclusive - there is a position for everyone

· Building friendships and a support network, creating friends for life · Teaching - win or lose lessons are always being learnt

· Promoting respect for others Rugby is like no other sport, there are positions on the field for all shapes and sizes.


All new players are guaranteed a warm welcome no matter their ability or experience. Achieving goals as an individual feels good but achieving goals as a team feels GREAT! Being part of a team is like being part of a huge family. You make friends for life shoulder to shoulder with ferocious loyalty. If you want to get fit but you don't like the gym. If you like the sound of getting muddy and sweaty with no one judging you. If you want to make friends who are like sisters who will protect and support you. Maybe playing rugby is for you. Tap into your inner warrior. Give it a go, Give it a TRY. Get CONVERTED!


Come join Eton Manor RFC and be part of this unique community.

“I play rugby because they said I couldn’t.” Kaiya, 10

“to everyone else we are just a team. To each other we are family.” Lilly, 12

“I play like a girl… Faster and stronger!” Olivia, 11

“I play rugby, What’s your superpower?” Tricia 8


Come and learn the fundamentals of rugby through fun games, and get to know your future teammates! No gum shield required 😉

Girl's rugby

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