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Gifting wisdom, confidence, self-love and a lifetime of self-respect First Moon Circles are a beautiful, empowering alternative to traditional period education featuring craft, conversations and a special parent-daughter celebration.


These sacred, beautiful, love-filled and most important of all FUN space for young girls and people identifying as female to gather in circle to receive knowledge and tools to start their periods with ease, flow (pardon the pun!) and comfort.


The benefit of celebrating menarche as a rite of passage ripples out across whole lifetimes, and generations far into the future. Come and see us (Nikki, Adele and Beth - three UK First Moon Circles Facilitators) at our stall to learn more about periods, period products, the reproductive anatomy and menarche as a rite of passage. At Festival of the Girl we will also be running a free workshop sharing knowledge of the four phases of the menstrual cycle and introducing the inner seasons. Grab your ticket and join us for this fun, interactive and educational workshop.


Learn more at:

First Moon Circles UK Facilitators: Nikki Darby of Your Red Tent

Adele Wimsett of Harmonise You

Beth Moxon of Bloom and Belong

First Moon Circles

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