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Designed especially to empower the next generation of strong women. GirlBE Club offers 7-12-year-old girls a big dose of positivity, mindfulness and inspiration every month straight through the letterbox with its monthly box subscription.


GirlBE Club is a way of delivering a great big dose of positivity to girls every month straight through the letterbox. Every month covering a new topic centred around inner strength, mindfulness and ambition.


Natalie, the founder of GirlBE, says, "Feedback on the boxes has been overwhelming. To hear the girls are not only excited to receive the boxes but that they are actually helping improve their confidence and to inspire them is incredible."


Natalie will be at the festival with the latest edition of the GirlBE box. She'll also have a whole stall of 'Girl Power' inspirational gifts and items to purchase at the festival.


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