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Laura Cowan is founder of Girls Rising Movement – offering retreats for girls aged 9 – 13 years and their mothers/elder females to prepare and navigate puberty changes in a positive and connective way.

The retreats explore puberty, menstruation, body literacy, natures cycles, self-care, relationships, and body image in fun and creative ways, whilst sharing and connecting to the wisdom of other girls and mothers.

Laura is mother to 3 girls, a music teacher, storyteller, song -sharer and arts for social change practitioner. Laura wrote the children’s book: The Moon Child as a conversation-starter and introduction to periods for children 6+. It is also a beautiful book to give to your daughter/niece/friend at her menarche.

At Festival of the Girl, we will be making clay figurines to celebrate the female body. Come and join us!

Nurturing Young Minds
with Breathwork

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