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I am Suzanne Samaka, a 35 year old mum from Watford. I grew up in a single parent, working class family, which has given me a strong sense of working hard to achieve. I have spent 17 years working for a high street bank in several roles, mainly around relationships and people. I am fiercely protective of my blended family, which includes 6 children, with a passionate focus to give them the best start in life.


I have founded the #HonestyAboutEditing campaign to change the law so digitally edited content (photoshop/filters etc) must be labelled so we all know what is real versus fake, to protect our body image and mental health.


Life has taught me that confidence and self-esteem are more important than I ever imagined they would be and I’m passionate about helping others find their own confidence and grow their self-esteem.


I can’t wait to join the festival to help girls see how much of the online world is digitally edited, airbrushed and not real. My campaign aims to remind us that the way we look is not the most important thing about us and give a sense of transparency to the online world.

Honesty About Editing

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