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I'm Claudine, 46, mother of 2 from Hove near Brighton and I'm a body image and mindset coach, and cold water sea swimmer. I created Seascape Blue to help women and girls feel happy, healthy, confident and safe in their bodies, just as they are. We help girls step into their power and body autonomy before it is taken from them.


After decades of dieting misery, I realised that battling my body to shrink myself didn't have to be a permanent fixture in my life. Stepping out of self-criticism and into self-compassion, body acceptance and appreciation through sea swimming has transformed how I view myself and this is what I help women and girls achieve. Having swum for 5 years through all seasons has shown me that all bodies are good bodies, and what our bodies can do is more important than how they look. I now coach women and girls at the beach and help them with life-changing mindset shifts, either whilst in the sea or whilst being beside it. I also host mother and daughter empowerment circles to enable mums to shift their perspective of themselves, learn how to support their children with confidence and build their resilience and have fun with the girls whilst boosting their self esteem.


For FOTG workshop: Come along to our empowering, fun and interactive workshop where we will be celebrating our bodies, and reminding ourselves of our brilliance! With confidence boosting power poses and self-esteem amplifying mantras, and talk of just how awesome we are, you will leave feeling more than good enough just as you are!

Seascape Blue

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