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Meet Danielle, a Nurse, mum and someone who is passionate about the wellbeing of young girls. As a mother of a teenage daughter like many of us, Danielle understands the challenges that young girls face today. As a young child, Danielle also used to be shy and lacked confidence. Her journey working with children and families in and out of the NHS has ignited a passion within her. Now she is on a mission to empower pre-teen girls and make a positive impact in their lives.


That's why she created Serenity For Girls - A business that can help girls to thrive during their adolescence, with less stress and more confidence. Danielle offers empowering and fun well-being workshops in her community. She's also brought her passion and expertise online, providing workshops, and resources including books and journals.


Danielle will be bringing a selection of fun, engaging activities to the festival that will empower your pre-teen girls.

Serenity for Girls

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