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Co-Founder of Festival of The Girl

Founder and Director of She Stands

Co-Founder and Director of Arrive in Politics

She Stands is a movement founded on the idea that girls and women should never have to apologise for taking up space. They raise awareness around the impacts of gender stereotyping on posture and create trainings to shape a more gender equal society. The mission is for females to grow up feeling at home in their bodies with the confidence to stand tall and own their space - from young girls in schools to women in the workplace.

Understanding that there is still so much to be done to create an equal society Abi co-founded Arrive in Politics in 2021. A non-partisan collaboration committed to closing the political gender gap they’ve created a mentorship programme for young women who want to begin or advance their career in politics. 

Inspired by her daughters, Margot and Nancy, Abi hopes Festival of The Girl, She Stands and Arrive in Politics can create genuine change so that all children can grow and develop surrounded by strong role models in a world that supports and nourishes them.

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Abi Wright

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