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Welcome to our first ever Festival of The Girl Awards! An award ceremony and campaign created for young girls aged 7-11 to celebrate each other, while helping to build self-esteem and confidence. 

In a time when society and media still reinforce gender stereotypes and female rivalry, when ‘mean girl’ behaviour is normalised with responses like ‘girls will be girls’, these awards shine a light on the importance of supporting one another and celebrating each other’s achievements.

Our summer campaign will invite girls, with the help of their carers, to nominate a special girl in their life for one of the below awards:



Who has inspired you recently? Who do you know that did something brave?

Maybe they stood up for someone else, maybe they’ve had to overcome something really difficult, or maybe they’ve simply worked incredibly hard at something and it has felt inspiring to you. Tell us the story and celebrate them.


Who is your very best friend, or has shown amazing friendship to someone else you know?

Maybe they’ve spent loads of time helping their friends, or supporting them in some way. Or they might have been really thoughtful about how to cheer someone up when they’ve been having a hard time. Whatever loyalty and friendship means to you – if someone has done it, we’d love to hear their story.


Who has made a difference in your school or community? Who has created a change that really mattered?

Maybe they campaigned for something they believed in, and got the decision makers to really listen. Maybe they got lots of other people interested in a problem they wanted to solve and you all worked together on it, joining in with their idea and making things happen. If you feel proud of what they’ve done, we’re sure we will too – share the story and nominate them today.

The award ceremony will take place at Festival of The Girl 2024 on Saturday 5th October at the Business Design Centre Islington. With an incredible panel of judges, our design partner V2 creating beautiful awards and exciting presenters, it will be a truly inspiring event. 

Join us in giving girls the platform to share their friends’ amazing achievements while showing them the power in supporting one another. 

A few helpful pointers:


  • Nominations open on Monday 1st July and close on Friday 6th September.


  • Please note these awards are aimed at girls aged 7-11 years old (both those nominating and those nominated). 


  • We will ask for an adult’s contact details to be included in the nomination.


  • We will provide free tickets for those who nominate, those who are nominated and their families to the award ceremony at this year’s Festival of The Girl on Saturday 5th October in Islington, North London. 


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